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Curious about North Florida Muay Thai?
Want more details on exactly what we do?
Interested in our kickboxing and self-defense training?
Want to explore all that Muay Thai can do for your fitness?
Want to check it out before committing?

Come to our FREE Intro to Muay Thai class!

Saturday, November 11, 9:00-9:45am.

Here, you will get an introduction to our gym, our instructors, and how we do things. We'll explain the benefits of Muay Thai, how our workouts are structured, and even get you doing someone initial punches and kicks to get a feel for things. Find out how great this cardio, conditioning, strength, and mobility workout this can be, while learning valuable self-defense skills.

After this, if you decided (no pressure) that you want to enroll, we have a special "
Getting Started" package for beginners where you will learn the basics so you can then integrate into our classes with confidence. There is never any judgement and never any experience or skills needed.

North Florida Muay Thai is for EVERYONE, including teens and adults (under 18, please come with a parent/guardian).

Once you give it a try and stick with it for a few months, you will notice a big difference in your body composition, your strength, power, and confidence as an athlete. 

SIGN UP HERE for this FREE Intro to Muay Thai class on Saturday, November 11 at 9:00am, and plan to bring a friend or three! Please dress in shorts and a t-shirt or tank, and bring water and a towel.

Questions? Contact Khru Doug here! 


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