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Building confidence, fitness, power, self-defense, and teamwork with teenagers in a positive environment

Looking for a healthy and positive outlet for teenagers?

We are now enrolling in our teen class!

Geared for ages 12-17 with no experience needed, teen classes are held every Monday and Wednesday at 4pm with the option to join our group classes any other day of the week once you learn the fundamentals.

Teens will learn all the basics in a safe, positive and supportive environment:

-- punches

-- kicks

-- pad holding

-- bag striking

-- footwork/guard

-- self defense skills to use in any uncertain or bullying situation


We set the tone with music, a safe and disinfected gym, enthusiastic coaches, and a supportive, positive environment. We work within normal Thai boxing timed rounds with regular periods of rest and water breaks.

Gear needed:

Gloves after 2 weeks

Shin guards after 4 weeks

NFMT School uniform after 4 weeks

Cost: $120/month for eight classes (discounts for a six- or 12-month commitment). 




From Khru Doug:

“Growing up in today's environment of social media, bullying, and teens constantly comparing themselves to each other is tough. I have seen the negative effects of this on our youth over and over again. I have also seen the positive effects that Muay Thai can have on that. Over time, teens develop a sense of themselves that they, perhaps, were struggling to find before. They become more confident in who they are, and they find their true internal and external power. We don't teach Muay Thai to encourage fighting, but rather, it's a tool for self defense -- whether that's mental or physical, and it's a tool for feeling strong, healthy and filled with self-respect.”

From Coach Ethan:

“The teens class focuses primarily on strong fundamentals for Muay Thai along with building confidence in both striking and technique. The goal of the class is to not shape everyone into a fighter, but a strong practitioner who can fight if they choose to do so. Muay Thai gives teens the opportunity to try something new and pursue goals of their own.”

"I highly recommend NFMT. I joined because I like martial arts and had been in karate and taekwondo before. I enjoy Muay Thai way better. To me, it seems like a more realistic fighting style for practicing self-defense. I like this club because I like to test my limits and see how far I can push myself. Everyone at this club is really fun to train with. They are very patient and encouraging and we all enjoy learning from each other. The workouts are intense. Kru Doug is passionate about his job. He really cares about his athletes and pushes everyone to reach their fullest potential." ~James, NFMT teen student

"Getting our teen started with NFMT was the best thing we've ever gotten him involved in. Truly welcoming from the moment you step in the gym. All of his coaches are amazing at what they do. Pushing him enough to keep him excelling at this sport. I'm extremely proud of our son and the team at NFMT. The trainings, teaching and coaching are top notch." ~NFMT teen mom

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