• Muay Thai Foundations

    This class gives the student opportunities in all the basics. Striking, pad holding, bag striking, and footwork/guard are emphasized. We set the tone with music, a safe and disinfected gym, enthusiastic coaches, and a supportive, positive environment.  Read more here.

  • Muay Thai -- All Levels

    This Saturday-only class gives students of all levels a chance to get together and train. It is designed to challenge each other with pad holding, distance, timing, and tempo training. Come ready to sweat but at your own pace with a technical striking lesson followed by pad rounds. Read more here.

  • Muay Thai 

    This class is designed for the veteran student who has put in months or years of training. Workouts and advanced combinations are based from Thai Camps (Sittsongpeenong and Fairtex). Being a Khanomtom Student Level 1 is required — 36 hours minimum of training within Muay Thai Foundations class and/or private training. Read more here.

  • Sparring -- Light, Technical, Boxing

    This class format takes place after the weekday evening classes with lower levels of intensity and power to allow student to move in a free-flow environment and practice their art. Read more here.

  • Kids Classes

    Suited for kids ages 7-13, these classes are held twice a week and instill confidence, discipline, focus, respect, and self-defense skills along with physical training and fitness. Read more here.

  • Private Lessons

    Get started in Muay Thai or take your training to the next level with private one-on-one lessons with our experienced coaches to work on your skills, technique, and overall conditioning. Read more here.

  • Open Gym

    We have several hours of open gym each day which is designed to give students time to hone their craft with bag work, shadow boxing, pad training with a partner, or ring time. Read more here.

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