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Changing Lives Through Muay Thai

How confident are you in self defense?

Do you want a want to get in great shape, burn calories, relieve stress, and build strength?

Looking for a group that is non-judgmental and supportive?

Want to see what you are really capable of?


Our Getting Started package is open to EVERYONE! No experience needed. We will teach you the basics in a one-on-one setting so you can then integrate into our group classes.

Learn Safely and Privately

Getting Started With NFMT

At North Florida Muay Thai, we welcome all levels and backgrounds into the family. To help put you on a path to success and lifelong learning, we have a simple Getting Started package for anyone who is new to our gym.

Getting Started Package, $149

  • 2 x 45 min private training sessions

  • 5% off first purchase of gloves and gear (within 2 weeks)

  • FREE pair of handwraps

  • 1 x 30 min glove fitting appointment 

  • 2 weeks of FREE gear rental


All of this ensures the basics are taught correctly, as they were taught to us from the World Champion headquarters in Bangkok, Thailand – Sittsongpeenong. Confidence and correct technique are emphasized from the start because that is the foundation of Muay Thai.

The Progression

New to Muay Thai: Through this package, students will be credited with two hours of training. Even though the sessions only last 30-45 minutes, we prescribe homework for the new Nak Muay (student) at home.


Experienced with Muay Thai: For those students with previous Muay Thai experience, we are happy to test you out of the Getting Started plan. Simply sign up online for the plan, and once you receive a confirmation email, text or email Khru Doug to let him know that you would like to attempt to test. Once confirmed, we will apply your $119 dues to the regular membership of choice.  (Most students who successfully test out have at least one year of Muay Thai experience.)

Students then progress to joining our group classes or continuing with private lessons and using our open gym time. At that point, we ask everyone to invest in Thai gloves, shin guards, and shorts from our world-class Pro Shop.


"Highly recommend this gym. The workouts are excellent, the culture is really welcoming, and it's clean. If you want to train with a great group of folks, this is the best spot in town."

~Rocio, NFMT Student

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