Your NFMT Coaching Team


Khru Doug has been a student in the art of Muay Thai for more than 16 years.   


His training started with a Bachelor's Degree in Kinesiology, the study of how muscles create movement in the human body.


After years of extensive coaching and training himself, Khru Doug began his journey into the world of Muay Thai -- as a lifelong student, athlete, and instructor.

Within the sport/art of Muay Thai, he holds the title of Khru within the Sittsongpeenong and Khanomtom Camps. Doug has traveled to Thailand to experience World Championship training and education in order to bring the authentic art of this sport to the USA.

In his words, “The love of Muay Thai has infinite depth. The art is incredibly superior in striking, but the culture, people, traditions, and influence of the sport throughout the nation are contagious.”   


Khru Doug's goal is to spread this incredibly positive habit and influence lives that are ready for a change. Only 5% of our students will ever fight, meaning the majority of focus is on training, learning, staying fit, and having fun.

Today Khru Doug instructs classes, conducts one-on-one training sessions with students looking to advance their practice, and oversees events and other coaches as NFMT continues to grow and expand in the community.

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Practicing 4 years

Level 1 Khru - Khanomtom System - IKF Fighter

"Muay Thai has given me the confidence to let go of societal body standards and love what my body can accomplish and do for me."

Practicing 3 years

Level 1 Khru - Khanomtom System

IKF Fighter 

"Practicing Muay Thai allows me to fully express myself through my art. To continuously learn with humbleness is one of the most rewarding aspects that Muay Thai continues to give me."